Bell Air R/C Events Calendar

Donation Days will be the 1st Saturdays in March, April, and May 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Container #4 will be opened to receive items (or to purchase items). During the main summer flying season through September, container will be opened regularly.

Pylon Racing Season  
                  Pylon Races to be 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month beginning May 5th
                              Tune-up trial race May 5th with first points race May 19th.
                                          Fall Challenge Pylon Races Sept 10th.
                 Racing every 1st and 3rd Thursday evening through August. (weather permitting)  

                             Pilots show up to register at 4:30 pm with races beginning at 5:00 pm

                                       Contact:  Matt Schwemmin

                                            Download the Pylon Racing Rules HERE                                   
                                             WE  NEED HELPER'S - PLEASE  ** 

4/2        Saturday            Field Opening Work Party

4/16        Saturday            R/C Combat Demo / Trial

4/30       Saturday            Drone Fly Day

5/7        Saturday            Winter Build Challenge Judging

6/4        Saturday            Fun Fly Competition

July 30 and 31   Annual   Warbirds & Classics Over Whatcom 

                               All types and sizes of Warbirds and Classics (prior to 1960)
                                               (NO Turbines! Please)
                               Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM, Sunday 10 AM tyo 3 PM

                               Event CD: Gerry Becker
                               Download the Poster  TBA

                               Warbirds Over Whatcom 2016 Pictures HERE
                               Warbirds Over Whatcom 2017 Pictures HERE
                               Warbirds Over Whatcom 2018 Pictures HERE

8/13        Saturday            Fun Fly Competition

8/27        Saturday            Club Picnic

9/10        Saturday            Fall Challenge Pylon Racing

9/24        Saturday            Field Cleanup 

Indoor Flying dates to be determined in the fall.

10/15        Saturday            Halloween Fly Day (weather permitting)

11/19        Saturday            Turkey Trot Fly Day (weather permitting)

12/19        Monday            Christmas Party