by Mike Miller

June 1917   This month in History

The war in Europe rages on, Aircraft has been found to be an excellent tool between enemies.
America had just declared war on Germany in April. Our 'doughboys' were readying for a big fight. At this time now,  only America was a logistical supporter of supplies, raw material and money. Not until the summer of 1918 that "boots on the ground" began.

June 4th -   Very first Pulitzer prize awarded.

June 5th -   10 million men register for the draft in America.

June 8th -   Walt Disney graduates from high school.

June 11th - Dr. Warren Bergholz was born.

June 12th - Secret Service extends protection to the presidents family.

June 14th - 1st German air attack on England, 100 + killed in East London.

June 23rd - Ammunition factory in Bolieweg, Bohemia explodes, killing 1,000!

Those are some pretty substantial events. Most you can associate by reading them. But there is one that may trigger a "hummmm….. who is that?"
That person being Dr. Warren Bergholz. We (the club) has a connection with this gentleman, he joined our club several years ago, in hopes of flying r/c. Well life gets in the way at times and he had taken lessons but wasn't able to continue.
Just recently, as pictured, he came by with his son in hopes of flying a model. His son Rick, AMA 1013433 from the Thurston County Minature Aircraft Society assisted him in his piloting skills. As you can see Dr. Bergholz is a "laid back" person and enjoying what we all do, having fun. At 100 years of age to!

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