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Written By: Peter Butschek
Notice : The club currently has membership openings available…

Get Your Membership Application Here…

“Membership Dues For 2014”

Dues payments for 2014 are now being accepted by our Treasurer (see the contacts page for his information) as follows;

$90 for Full Membership;
$10 for Associate Membership (no flying privileges)
$10 for Junior Membership (under age 18).

You may download the registration form from the Website and bring it to the regular meeting or mail it to the address shown on the form. Time will be allotted at the January meeting to process registrations.
Registration forms will be available to those that need them.

As a reminder, members must be paid up by the March meeting in order to secure their roster spots and avoid the membership cap limit.

Canadian members, please remit your payments in US funds.



Welcome to the “Bell Air R/C Flyers.”

Here is a place you can learn about the great and exciting hobby of Radio Controlled flying. Take a tour of our “virtual site” and then feel free to come visit us at our real field, chat with our members and, have an interesting, relaxing day.

Bell-Air R/C Flyers is a Whatcom County, WA, radio-controlled model airplane club chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Join us at one of our monthly meetings with no obligation to become a member.

Club Meetings…

Club meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month. During the months of April through September, Club meetings are held at the airfield and begin at 6:00pm. During the months of October through March, meetings are held at an indoor site.

The Club Airfield is owned by the Hoby Acres, Inc. This corporation is comprised of individuals who have purchased shares of this company. Many of the Hoby Acres owners are also members of the Bell-Air R/C Flyers Club. Bell-Air R/C Flyers leases the field from Hoby Acres (part of your yearly dues is paid to Hoby Acres). An agreement between Hoby Acres and Bell-Air R/C Flyers outlines the details of the club’s use of the airfield. The airfield is located on the Lummi Indian Reservation. Interstate 5 Exit 260, west on Slater Road for 3 miles, left on Haxton Way for 1 mile, right on Red River Road for 1 mile to Airfield.

A current AMA card or its Canadian equivalent (MAAC) is required to fly at the Club airfield. All AMA and Bell-Air Club rules and regulations MUST be followed. Safety will continue to be a priority for the Club, so any violation of rules, regulations, or safety codes will result in the forfeiture of your Club Membership. A copy of AMA rules is posted at the flying field, and Club rules can be found on the reverse of this application.

Membership Dues

Full Membership – Includes Club Membership and Flying Privileges during Current Calendar Year: $90 ($20 for Club Dues, $70 for Airfield Dues). Hoby Acres owners receive Full Membership for $20.

Associate Membership – Includes Club Membership Only (No Flying Privileges): $10

Junior Membership – Includes a Full Membership, as described above, for anyone who is under the age of 18 when dues are paid: $10

Student Pilot – Used to classify individuals who have not soloed yet and who are currently under the instruction of a Club Certified Instructor: $20. The remaining $70 for a full membership will be collected upon completion of instruction (Solo Certificate) unless you are under 18 years old. A list of instructors can be obtained during a Club meeting or by visiting the Club’s website.

Having fun Safely is our number one priority!

We have established and follow a set of guidelines that work for us and our community.

Bell Air R/C Flyers Rules & Regulations.

A. General Flying Field Safety Requirements

1. Use of the flying site and its facilities requires a valid AMA or MAAC card. Flying with out a valid Membership can result in termination of club membership and flying privileges for up to one year. Penalties will be determined by the Bell Air R/C Flyers Executive Committee.

2. Alcohol or its use is strictly prohibited on the flying site at any time.

3. Smoking in the Pit Area is strictly prohibited during any flying activities.

4. Pets, all pets shall be leashed .No pets are allowed in the Pit Area at anytime.

5. All Spectators must remain behind the Spectator (chain link) Fence.

6. Persons not involved with flying or spotting , must remain in the Pit or Spectator area. (The “Pi t Area” refers to the row of work tables used by the pilots to ready their aircraft).

7. All Transmitters must be narrow band “gold sticker” meeting 1991 FCC Standards.

8. Pilots name, address, phone number, and AMA/MAAC information must be displayed in the aircraft In compliance with AMA rules.

9. All Club members are responsible for NOT ONL Y following the Club and AMA rules, but ENFORCING THEM as well. SAFETY MUST ALWAYS BE THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.

B. Student, Junior Members and Guests

1. Courtesy/right-of -way should be given to student pilots. If the student is conducting Landing!

2. Take-off or practice, experienced pilots are requested to ask the instructor if it is OK to fly.

3. All Student Pilots must fly with a Club-Certified Instructor until completion of flight instruction (“Soloed Flight”).

4 . Junior Members must have a parent or designated responsible adult with them at all times when they are flying.

5. Guest policy allows for an experienced pilot to fly at the airfield without a club membership for no more than three times per year. The Guest pilot must have a valid AMA/MAAC card in their possession, observe all Club and AMA rules and regulations , and can fly at the field only when their host is present.

6. Before a previously soloed pilot is allowed to fly solo as a new Bell Air Club member, he/she must demonstrate flying competency to a club instructor.

C. Field Flying/Operational Requirements

1. Use of the Frequency Board is strictly enforced if there are more than two pilots/flyers in the “Pit Area”. 2.4GHz system users shall use the “Blue” Pin located in the Frequency Board Cabinet.

2. Before a transmitter is turned on, all transmitters must display the correct “numbered frequency Pin, (2.4GHz systems require the “BLUE” pin).

3. Aircraft and/or engine noise levels must not exceed 102 dB (A) at 9 feet.

4. When setting up and starting your aircraft, the prop must face EAST toward the runway.

5. During engine start-up, all aircraft shall be physically secured.

6. Normal flight direction is into the wind while flying over the runway to ensure that all aircraft takeoff and land in the same direction.

7. Always ANNOUNCE , (” YELL OUT”) your intentions when , ” TAKING- OFF/ LANDING DEAD STICK/ON- THE-FIELD”.


9. Flying on the NW side of the parking area is permitted, entering and departing this area must take place 200 feet further than the South end of the runway. HOWEVER, during
SANCTION Events flying in this area is NOT ALLOWED.

10. No takeoffs permitted from taxiways.

11. When taxing in from the runway, do not taxi past the fence-line (pilot’s station).



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